7th oCPS PhD School on Cyber-Physical Systems






About Lucca

Lucca and its surroundings are rich in history and, at the same time, open to the future. This medieval Tuscan city has maintained its characteristic streets, piazzas, churches and buildings over the centuries. The Renaissance city walls and the natural amphitheater of the hills beyond unite in a perfect blend of nature and the work of man. Beyond the hills, the beaches of Versilia and the mountains of Garfagnana are uniquely attractive thanks to the variety of their landscapes and their accessibility. Lucca has good connections to other larger towns, to cities and other university centers of the region, and it is close to both Pisa and Florence international airports.
The school will take place at the state-of-the-art campus of IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca in the newly restored San Francesco Complex, located in the historic city center of Lucca.
IMT Lucca a public graduate school and research institute that focuses on the analysis of economic, societal, technological and cultural systems.

San Francesco

Hotels in Lucca

As the month of June is a very busy month for tourists in Lucca, the hosting institution has contacted a number of local hotels and B&Bs to reserve some rooms at a discounted price. Please mention that you are a participant at the oCPS PhD School in Cyber-Physical Systems at the IMT School for Advanced Studies to receive the discounted price.

Many of the reservations will expire soon, and hotel rooms are limited, therefore you are strongly advised to book your room as soon as possible. Furthermore, there is a major concert in Lucca on June 14th and therefore hotel rooms may be especially hard to find on this night.

Hotel Name Contact Rates Book by
Albergo Celide info@albergocelide.it €75 (single);
€95 (double used as a single)
As soon as possible
Moderno Lucca
info@albergomodernolucca.com €95 (single);
€125 (double used as single);
€135 (double);
€158 (triple)
By March 25th
Albergo San
info@albergosanmartino.it 84€ (double used as single);
94€ (double);
€199 (triple)
By March 31st
(Note: currently no availability for the nights of June 14th and 15th)
B&B Ai Cipressi info@aicipressi.it €65 (single);
€69 (double);
€95 (triple);
€119 (family)
As soon as possible
B&B Arena info@bbarenalucca.com €125 per night/room (price for two people) As soon as possible
B&B Lucca in
Villa - Elisa &
elisa@luccainvilla.it 15% discount on standard prices As soon as possible
B&B Lucca in
Villa - Villa
elisa@luccainvilla.it 15% discount on standard prices As soon as possible
Best Western
Grand Hotel
direttore@grandhotelguinigi.it €80 (single);
€104 (double);
€144 (family)
By April 15th
Diana Hotel info@albergosanmartino.it €69 (double used as single);
€79 (double);
€104 (triple)
As soon as possible
B&B La
ciao@itaco-casa.com €70 (double);
€75 (triple)
As soon as possible
Hotel Busdraghi info@apalazzobusdraghi.it €90/115 (double used as single);
€80 (single)
By March 31st
Hotel Ilaria info@hotelilaria.com €110 (double used as single);
€150 (double)
By April 10th

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